Monday, December 6, 2010

Fall Families ~ Richardson TX Child and Family Photographer

Wow! So I've really been neglecting my blog again. I got caught up in the holiday rush of editing, editing, editing and no time for blogging. Now that I have most of the holiday sessions edited, with the exception of my sister's that I'm saving until after Christmas, I have time to blog all of the fun families that I got to take pictures of.

I absolutely LOVED this session. Not only were they so stylish and the nicest people ever, but I also got to try out a new location! I am absolutely in love with this location now. It's like a little piece of the the Utah mountains in a park in the middle of a Richardson neighborhood! Fall is my absolute favorite season and since we've been in Texas I've missed it a little. Fall isn't really a season here, it's more like a week where all of the leave fall at once and then it's finished. So it was nice to feel like I was experiencing a little bit of a Utah fall.

Anyway, enough about the location, check out this adorable little guy. He was the happiest baby ever. I just adored his smile and his huge brown eyes. And I have to say, I don't mind the stage before they crawl when they can't really get away from me :)