Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bucket ~ Grapevine Child and Family Photographer

Beckett. It's a big name for a little guy, but he's grown into it quite well. I think it can be a confusing name for little kids to understand sometimes. My three year old called him bucket for the first few days of his life and even now that he knows his name I hear Becky, Becko and Beckitty a lot.

A friend and I took my little guy out a couple weeks ago to take some pictures. She had a cute bucket that she wanted to use as a prop for a baby and needed a model and I had a knit hat that I had been waiting to use. I, of course, am completely biased because I think he is the cutest little chunk in the world. But I think we got some pretty adorable images.

The funniest thing, that my friend told me a few days later, is that when she pulled her images up on her computer her little girl looked at them and said "Oh I get it! Bucket in a bucket!" So funny! But not quite :)









Friday, March 25, 2011

Adorable Boys ~ Grapevine Texas Children's Photographer

Here is just a quick sneak peek of my session last weekend. Aren't they just adorable?


And I actually got some smiles out of the big brother this time!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Bonnets ~ Dallas Texas Child and Family Photographer

I was driving home from the grocery store this morning and was surprised to see patches of bluebonnets popping up all over! I wasn't expecting them for another few weeks, but I guess with all the warm weather we've been having they came a little earlier than last year.

If you want a session in the bluebonnets contact me now so that I can get you scheduled in the next few weeks before the bluebonnets are all gone. If there is enough interest I may open up some mini sessions so that I can get everyone in. Email me at or call or text 435.730.2186


Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up - Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer

I was looking back through some sessions from last fall as I was making tweaks to my blog header and realized there were a couple sessions that never got posted! I guess in the craziness that was the holiday rush and trying to get my family ready for our trip to Utah for Christmas and a wedding all by myself (I seriously picked my husband up at school from his last final and we went straight to the airport) that they just got overlooked. But even though it's late I didn't want to miss posting them because they were such great families. Here's the first. This little guy definitely gave me a run (literally) for my money!





Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perfect Little Angel ~ Coppell Texas Newborn Photographer

This adorable little girl was the perfect angel for our session a couple of weeks ago. Her mom told me that she was worried because she had been a little fussy that morning. It actually ended up working out perfectly for us because she slept so well for me. She stirred one or two times, but other than that she just slept and let me move her around and basically do whatever I wanted.

I know I say this every time I post a newborn session, but I absolutely LOVE newborns. They're teeny tiny and so sleepy and perfect for such a short time. I love being able to document that fleeting time for families. Because, let's face it, when you look back later everything just seems like a blur those first few weeks with a new baby if you don't have the pictures to remind you.