Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Baby ~ Grapevine Texas Child Photographer

It's baby is now 3! I know everyone says it, but I honestly can't believe how fast time has flown. I'm sitting here remembering the day he was born and it seems like just yesterday. I knew when I had kids that my life would change, but I never imagined how much it would change, or how much I would love it. I wouldn't trade all the kisses, hugs, "I love you's", giggles and cuddles for anything in the world. Sometimes I look at him and wonder when he got so old. He's such a little person. He says things to me that I have no idea where they came from. He is energetic and funny and loves life. I'm so glad that I get to learn from him everyday, even the difficult days.

We set out on Monday to do his 3 year pictures and after just 5 minutes I wanted to pull my hair out. I definitely think it's easier to take pictures of other people's children. He didn't want to listen to anything I said and pretty much did the exact opposite of anything I wanted him to do. Once in a while he would glance in the direction of my camera, but not for very long. I will admit that I got pretty frustrated. Luckily, the pictures turned out a lot better than I thought they were going to. I love them because they are SO him right now. Here's my little 3 year old!









Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Intimidating ~ Dallas Texas Child and Family Photographer

I shot this session at the beginning of October. I really don't know why I am just getting around to posting it. But I'm not going to lie, this session was a little bit intimidating...ok, a lot intimidating. I'm not usually intimidated by a session, but taking pictures for another photographer is pretty scary to think about. Luckily, they're nice and fun and put me at ease pretty quickly.

The other thing that can be intimidating for a photographer is to actually be in front of the camera instead of behind it. I think being in front of the camera took Kalli out of her comfort zone a little. She even told me in an email that she "wasn't very photogenic". Well I didn't believe that for a second, and I'm sure you can see why. I think these guys have such a cute family. Their kids are just adorable, and they're definitely all VERY photogenic.








Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Family Pictures ~ Dallas Child and Family Photographer

We had our family pictures taken a little over a week ago, and I just have to say family picture day is EXHAUSTING! One of my clients told me that she and her husband had fought more getting ready for family pictures than they had in their entire marriage. And honestly? I believe it!

Of course it seems like EVERYTHING went wrong. Cohen wouldn't nap, I didn't have enough time to do my hair, we forgot to take Halloween candy or anything to bribe Cohen with. Cohen of course wouldn't listen to a word we said once we got to the park and just wanted to run around and throw sticks and rocks in the water. Luckily we had a great photograper that was amazing with Cohen and could get him to do pretty much anything she wanted (I think I might need her to come live with us). And guess what...none of that shows up in the pictures!

Who knows if years from now we will remember that by the time we got home at 8:00 both Matt and I were completely worn out, both physically and mentally, and that we crashed pretty much as soon as we got the boys to bed. But we will have these pictures that help us remember our life. Right now. Isn't that what pictures are all about? Yep, it was a hard day. But it was definitely worth it. And really, who can't handle a hard day once a year?



All pictures taken by Kalli, edited by me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some From Saturday ~ Grapevine Child and Family Photographer

I almost died when I saw the morning light as I was driving to this session on Saturday. It was THAT gorgeous. There is just something about the light in the morning that is amazing. I really don't think evening light can even compare.

It's a good thing the light was so beautiful because it was pretty cold this morning (for Texas) and the field that we were at was a little wet and muddy. But these guys were troopers and I think we got some great pictures. I just love how the morning light looks as it comes through the hay or wheat, or whatever was in this field.