Monday, October 24, 2011

Graduation is Coming! ~ Las Colinas Texas Portrait Photographer

My husband left last Sunday for a week to go to Guadalajara, Mexico and treat athletes at the Pan American Games. What an exciting experience. He had such a great time and learned so much from the doctors that were down there. Needless to say, we missed him quite a bit here at home. It was especially hard because his phone wouldn't work and we only got to talk to him once (for a total of 3 minutes). Aside from our coveted phone call we relied on 1 to 2 line emails sent as he was heading out the door for the day or after a long day working at the sporting venues.

One night as I was missing him I decided to edit a few of the graduation pictures that I took for him the day before he left for Mexico. When I say I took them for him, it sounds like I did him a favor and took some graduation pictures for him. It was more like he was a REALLY good sport and put up with me dressing him up and dragging him out in the middle of him trying to pack so that I could take some pictures of him.

Matt is graduating in 8 weeks and I can't believe that we're to the point that we're taking graduation pictures! These last 3 years have FLOWN by. I'm so proud of Matt and all his hard work and everything that he's accomplished and sacrificed to get to this point.

Here are a few pictures of my very handsome husband :)





Monday, October 10, 2011

Surprise! ~ Irving Texas Family Photographer


We're so excited to announce that we'll be adding another little one to our family in March! And before you ask, no the pink writing doesn't mean that we're having a girl...I was just trying to match the color of the chalk in photoshop :)