Monday, October 24, 2011

Graduation is Coming! ~ Las Colinas Texas Portrait Photographer

My husband left last Sunday for a week to go to Guadalajara, Mexico and treat athletes at the Pan American Games. What an exciting experience. He had such a great time and learned so much from the doctors that were down there. Needless to say, we missed him quite a bit here at home. It was especially hard because his phone wouldn't work and we only got to talk to him once (for a total of 3 minutes). Aside from our coveted phone call we relied on 1 to 2 line emails sent as he was heading out the door for the day or after a long day working at the sporting venues.

One night as I was missing him I decided to edit a few of the graduation pictures that I took for him the day before he left for Mexico. When I say I took them for him, it sounds like I did him a favor and took some graduation pictures for him. It was more like he was a REALLY good sport and put up with me dressing him up and dragging him out in the middle of him trying to pack so that I could take some pictures of him.

Matt is graduating in 8 weeks and I can't believe that we're to the point that we're taking graduation pictures! These last 3 years have FLOWN by. I'm so proud of Matt and all his hard work and everything that he's accomplished and sacrificed to get to this point.

Here are a few pictures of my very handsome husband :)





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  1. Matty looks so grown up. I can't wait for you guys to head back here!